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Stuffed Mushrooms…

This is the first of a series of foods that myself or some other member of my family made for our open house on June 5. Unfortunately, many of the recipe books with the instructions are now inside a container on their way to Cambodia… so I will give a basic overview of the recipe now and post some pictures, and when I am reunited with the cookbooks, I’ll update the entries and include the recipes, for those who were curious about all the goodies we made.

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This entry is dedicated to stuffed mushrooms. While there are many ways to stuff mushrooms, one of our favourites comes from the Australian version of the magazine delicious. While the proportions of the ingredients have escaped me for now, I know that this recipe involves mushrooms, ricotta cheese, pesto, basil, and parmesan cheese (we used peco romano).

As you can see by the photo of the cooked mushrooms, they are a family favourite, and very popular with our guests. By the time I got the right lens on my camera, half of the mushrooms were gone!


Q: Why did the mushroom always get invited to parties?

A: Because he’s such a fun-gi!

haaaa. get it? get it?

Well you guessed it. This entry is about mushrooms, but not in the way you think! Check these babies out:

So I made another batch of crème brûlée yesterday. Just as I said, perfect for a dinner party. Well it wasn’t a dinner party, but we had a guest over last night, and in his words it ‘hit the spot’. He threw  in a few compliments in French too. Woohoo. So… this morning my fridge had 8 egg whites in it. Normally I’d make an egg white omelette for my someone, but I thought I’d try something cool today. I shopped around for a meringue recipe on my three usual sites, and came across this one on I’m all for visually-appealing desserts, and this certainly looked like one of ’em.

Desserts with egg whites always make me nervous. I tend to get a bit overzealous and overbeat things. I have a 30% fail rate (and conversely a 70% success rate! ;)) when it comes to making angelfood cake, so I was a bit weary when I started this one. The recipe was simple enough, it was just a matter of executing it well. Everything went well, until I added in my sugar. The crystals were gigantic, so they did not mix very well. I needed fine sugar for sure. I find the basic crystal sugar here has much bigger grains than the basic sugar you buy in North America. To compensate for this, next time I’ll use what the Dutch call ‘fijn suiker’.

I also forgot how much of an advantage a chilled bowl affords you when you’re beating egg whites. Lastly, I don’t think my case was helped by a tin of cream of tartar that I’m sure was around when acid wash was in. The consequence of all my wrongdoings was that my batter didn’t ‘peak’ quite as it should’ve after the sugar was added. The mushroom tops turned out fine, but the bottoms weren’t as long as the ones pictured on For that, you need some good peaking. Fortunately I’ve got four more egg whites in the fridge, some fine sugar in the cupboard, and the knowledge that ‘cream of tartar’ is called wijnsteen in Dutch, and hopefully can be bought at a local supermarket.

I look forward to fooling small children and unsuspecting adults into thinking these are real mushrooms when I bake these again. They were tasty, and at 39 calories a pop, more or less guilt-free!

When life  gives you egg whites, make meringue!