Something Russian…

A couple weeks ago when we started to plan our party, we started looking for new recipes to try. Of course, when it came to cute hors d’oeuvres, Martha Stewart came to mind. I found a recipe for chive blinis. I’d never made a blini before, but the recipe was short-listed immediately because it looked relatively easy, and inexpensive.

It was a pretty straightforward recipe that even I couldn’t screw up. I tried my best to make my blinis perfectly round, but it was difficult given the fact that my poffertjes pan has somehow ended up in the trash.

Blinis on their own are a little weird… they look like a pancake, so when you eat them, you expect them to taste sweet, and they can kind of put you off a bit when they don’t. Fortunately, once you top them with something savoury, they are quite delicious.

I did a test run with some cream cheese and shoulder ham, and later I topped them with crème fraiche mixed with chives, smoked salmon and capers.

If I were to make this again, I wouldn’t use the capers because there is already enough salt in the salmon. If budget isn’t an issue, I’ll definitely go for the salmon roe and quail eggs.

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