Peppadews made their debut in my house back in March. A family friend came to visit us and decided to show us something new. Until previously, peppadews to me were just those red mini pepper thingies that were next to the olives, and it had never occurred to me to try them.

This one’s pretty simple, and pleasing to the eye which is why I love it. Stuffed peppadews offer all sorts of contrast—both in the way they look, and the way they taste, as they have a nice combination of sweet and spicy. I’ve made them so far on three different occasions and each time they’ve been quite a hit.

All you’ll need is a jar of mild peppadews (they pack a bite that is pretty palatable for most people), block cream cheese (spreadable is too runny), and a jar of lemon curd (basically the filling of a lemon meringue pie).

Unfortunately, I did a terrible job of writing down the quantities, but I’ll do my best to guide you. Try starting with 200g of cream cheese and a 1/3 cup of lemon curd. Blend the cheese and the curd in a bowl with a hand mixer, fork, or potato masher. If you plan on using a fork or a potato masher, it might be wise to let the cream cheese stand outside of the fridge for about 30 minutes.

When you’ve blended the cream cheese and the curd, have a taste. You may want to add more curd to make the mixture a little sweeter. I suggest stuffing one peppadew, and eating that, to try and get a better gauge as to how the flavours taste together.

You can stuff the peppadews with a spoon if you don’t have many to do, or you can use a piping bag. If you don’t have a piping bag, take a Ziploc bag and cut a small hole in one corner and you’re good to go.


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