The secret to tzatziki…

…is good yoghurt. Greek or Turkish will do.

Tzatziki is one of my favourite condiments. Its versatility makes it great.  It can accompany breads, veggies and meats, and can even be eaten on its own. In the even that you don’t have thick yoghurt, all you need to do is drain the water from plain yoghurt, by putting it in a sieve for a few hours.

As for the cukes, makes sure to add salt and really squeeze out all the water that’s in the cucumber, or else it will make your tzatziki runny. I used this recipe from, except that I omitted the dill (because I hate it) and the olive oil.

Those who know me, know that I love garlic. To the point of excess. At one nerdy point in my high school career, I even wrote an ode to garlic for an English assignment. Any time I make something with garlic for my own consumption, I generally double the quantity required. Sometimes I even triple my quantities… and that’s exactly what I did on my first try of tzatziki… and I won’t be doing it again. After an hour or so in the fridge, the garlic flavour really started to overpower the tzatziki. It was enough to defeat me. Next time, I’ll probably add in just an extra clove, at the most. To be on the safe side, I’ll probably stick to the recipe’s quantities, and then add more after the flavours have settled for at least an hour in the fridge. You live, you learn!

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