A Prelude…

Today I’ll be cooking an Indian Feast. So far it’s been pretty labour-intensive, what with making garam masala from scratch using a mortar and pestle, and making paneer from scratch as well. Because I love stress, I’ll be cooking palak paneer for the first time, as well as saffron rice, and the family favourites–garlic naan, murgh makhani (butter chicken), and mango lassis. Since I must conserve my energy for this feat, this entry is going to be short.

This one’s basically a tip–no elaborate recipes or links to marthastewart.com. Just a tip.

For those of you who love chai and don’t want to shell out for ridiculously overpriced specialty bags of tea, just go to the grocery store and get yourself some black tea–something along the lines of English breakfast tea will do, and some cardamom seeds. Put the seeds in one of those tea sieves (about 8 seeds for a 300ml cup of tea), add your tea, and boiled water. Voila! Chai!

There are other spices that are used in different types of chai, such as ginger and cinnamon, but if you’re looking for chai that tastes similar to the one from Starbucks, cardamom’s all you really need. You can add other spices, but since cardamom is generally the dominant flavour in what the west considers to be ‘chai’, it does a swell job on its own.

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