We can make sandwiches… out here on the dance floor…

I thought the lyrics from this guilty pleasure of a song would be an appropriate title for this post.

The sandwich, or as they say in ‘my’ country, de ‘boterham’, shall be the topic of the day. To all those people who knock the Brits for their food, you gotta thank ’em every time you eat one of these babies. They apparently invented them….

Just like pizza, there’s no use boring you with a long entry for this everyday food. My preferred form of sandwich is the panini… but after frantically searching the house, I discovered that our panini maker had mysteriously disappeared….

Here it is:

Guacamole, grilled chicken breast (spiced with chili, rosemary, some olive oil), tomato, belegen cheese and emmental, tomato, scallions (fancy talk for green or spring onions), fresh baby spinach… and bacon wrapped in a tortilla. Delicious and filling!

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