Pizza Pizza daddy-o!

On Friday I decided to make some home-made pizza. The pizza in Holland is pretty crappy… it tends to be way too salty, overpriced, or both, so a lot of the time, when we have the energy, we like to make our own. I won’t write a long protracted entry about pizza, but I’ll just summarize the highlights.

I found this simple dough recipe on a while back while I was in Korea. I like it because you don’t have to let it rise, so if you need a pizza in a hurry you can make it within an hour. When you do have the luxury of time, letting it rise is great, it gives the dough a nice texture when it’s baked. I like to throw in some dried thyme and basil into the dough when I’m kneading it, to make things a little more gourmet :P.

Otherwise… my mom insists that the real Italians use balls of fresh mozzarella cheese on their pizza, so that’s what we buy. Since I like to bastardize things, I still throw on a little belegen cheese, because I find the mozzarella a bit bland, but too much gouda would make it way too salty.

As for the sauce, I just take straight pureed tomato, throw in some herbs, salt and sugar till it tastes right, then spread it on my pizza. No need to buy the fancy stuff when you make it the way you like it 🙂

Since I always have a bit of dough left over because I am particularly inept when it comes to rolling out the dough, I also try to do something with it. Sometimes I make a mini pizza, sometimes my sister makes raw pizza (it’s exactly what it sounds like) and sometimes I like to make a pizza pocket. On Friday I went for the pizza pocket. It turned out good, probably my best one in a while… the only thing I need to figure out is how to stuff it in such a way that even when the dough rises a bit, there’s not a ton of air between the walls of the pocket and the filling. That probably involves making a dough with less yeast, I guess.

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