rainy day = soup

Today was very rainy. As was yesterday. I would say it’s rained for the past 48 hours straight. It’ been terrible. Last week, we got a bit too comfortable with the warm weather, wearing skirts and sandals, having barbecues and going for leisurely bike rides… so yesterday Mother Nature decided to remind us who was boss, I guess.

I decided to make soup for dinner.  A popular staple in our house is spinach soup. I found this recipe on cooks.com about five or six years ago, and it’s been a hit in my house ever since. Being slightly anaemic, I welcome spinach in my diet at any opportunity. The creamy soup base used in this soup makes it thick, yummy and filling. Best of all, it’s cheap and easy to make–soup for six can be made for about 10 euros.

Back in January, having returned from warm Asia to meet cold, rainy, and unusually snowy Holland, I made this soup almost every week. Frozen spinach was hard to come by in Korea, and given the volume of spinach needed for this soup, fresh spinach was not an option for a working class woman like myself. So when I came back, it was one of many dishes I made often to make up for time missed. Anyway, my sister eventually tired of it, and I retired the soup as the weather started to warm up.

Today, topped with carrot curls and peco romano, I am pleased to say it was well-received.

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